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About Software Solutions

Software Solutions is a Local Small software development studio established in 2014 with a set of mind that every business regardless of how small it is, should have the software necessary to become more efficient and attract potential clients. We specialized on design, development and deployment of websites, databases, and virtualization , as well as simple Mobile, Web Marketing, and Web Maintenance solutions to meet your business goals.

We use the latest set of tools and frameworks to fit a specific project, based on customers business goals, time frames and budgets. Giving us versatility, and flexible finish applications. We work with small clients to create custom software, and bug-free applications to help them build a a better and stronger brand.

Can't afford the fancy full staff studio? Give us a a try and let us prove to you that we are as passionate and dedicated in creating software. After all, most likely your application ends up develop by a 2 or 3 person team. Getting rid of the administration staff allow us to concentrate in what we love the most, awesome projects.

Victor Meza Developer

Victor Meza BS

Victor attended Cal Poly Pomona and earned his BS degree on Computer Information Systems. He enjoys working on ASP.NET Frameworks and SQL.

Angela Czuba Designer

Angela Czuba BA
Designer & Marketing

Angela attended Cal State Long Beach and earn her Bachelor of Arts degree on Environmental Science. After that she develop keen eye for Design and Computer Aid Designs.

Ralph Gutierrez BS

Ralph attended Cal Poly Pomona and earn his BA in Computer Information Systems and specialized in Networking & Virtualization.